Future Scheduling


Hello, and thanks for your curiosity in clicking on this tab:


For the forseeable future (after August 2019) I will be limiting the number of short-term projects (pads, adjustable combs, refinish work, stock repair, etc) I have in the shop at one time.  This decision is to allow me to spend the bulk of my shop time on the custom guns already on my schedule.  As of right now that custom schedule is full and I won't be taking any more commissions until these are completed.


I am looking at April 1, 2021 as a target date for "semi-retirement".  It's unlikely my backlog of custom projects will be completed by then, but those that are not finished should be well on their way to completion.  After these are gone I may begin accepting more custom work but only one gun at a time.     I am not accepting additional custom stocking projects at this time.  I will, however, continue to accept short-term projects, i.e. recoil pads, adjustable combs, stock repairs, etc., on a limited basis for the foreseeable future.  Please call or email for availability.    


I still enjoy building custom guns and repairing stocks;  I am here to help.  But I also have many other interests that I want to pursue, not the least of which is beginning to work on some of my own personal project guns which I've been accumulating over the years.  Golf, fishing, and music are also high on my list.


We all know the future is humanly unpredictable and life happens, so this announced date is not set in stone.  But I plan to work toward it with an anticipation of having most, if not all of my backlog gone and to do my best to erase that word from my vocabulary.  Thank you for your interest in custom guns and your confidence in my work.