"It is a privilege to bring to life the beauty hidden inside each tree by our Creator"

Susquehanna Stockworks LLC

In today's automated world, there are still times when we choose to do things from scratch using time-honored machining techniques and lots of hand work.  Shown here is the beginning of a beavertail forend for a Fox side-by-side shotgun.

A Martini cadet project in .22 LR with a new lightweight Douglas barrel.  The very well-marbled piece of Turkish walnut is ready for dimensional  layout and hand shaping.

The addition of a leather covered pad to a stock, be it rifle or shotgun, is an elegant and functional butt treatment.  The leather is usually dyed either to match the background or in contrast to bring out the figure in the wood. 

Welcome, and thanks for your interest in custom guns.  Please look around and feel free to contact me with any questions.

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