Craig Libhart

I've had a love of guns for as long as I can remember. After graduating from high school, I headed west for Trinidad State Junior College in Trinidad, Colorado and their two year gunsmithing program. Finishing in '73, I moved back to Pennsylvania and took a job as a machinist where I remained for the next 35 years. I started back into stock work part-time in the mid 1990s, and am now pretty much a full-time gunmaker, working with both metal and wood to create fine custom firearms. I will accept general gunsmithing work within the scope of a commissioned custom project.

In 2004 I was honored to be accepted into the American Custom Gunmakers' Guild as a Professional Member in the stockmaker category. The majority of my work is shotgun and two-piece rifle stocks, but inevitably a bolt gun or two will find its way onto my schedule. I usually have a dozen or so two-piece stock blanks on hand for a client to examine and choose from for his particular project. English walnut (juglans regia) is superior in almost every respect as a gunstock wood, and for this reason I'll use it almost exclusively with a few rare exceptions.

Please check the other pages of the website for any more information you'd like. If you don't see it listed, or you'd like to talk further, feel free to e-mail me or call my shop at (717) 367-3414. Thanks very much for your time and interest.